Develop in Pharo, Run on JavaScript

Open Source Infrastructure for Seamless Web Development


Anything you can do in JS, you can do it in Pharo, thanks to PharoJS. It allows reusing and extending in Pharo any third-party library developed in JavaScript. PharoJS supports both web client and server side development. It can also be used to support cross-platform mobile apps based on frameworks such as Apache Cordova.

Open Source

Since we belive in open source, we made the full code of PharoJS as well as several examples freely available on GitHub. It is under the MIT License that allows to use PharoJS without restriction for any purpose. You can still gives a hand by reporting bugs or even submitting fixes and improvements ;-).

Award Winning
IWST 2023 3rd Best Paper Awards
3rd Best Paper at IWST 2023

The 3rd prize at the International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies, - Lyon, France - August 29th-31st, 2023.

ESUG 2nd Innovation Technology Awards 2015
2nd Innovation Technology Awards at ESUG 2015

The 2nd prize at ESUG 12th Innovation Technology Awards - Brescia, Italy - July 13th, 2015